Common Block Brewing – Beervana Awaits!

From the lobby windows at Inn at the Commons, we used to look nervously across Riverside Ave to the retro green building on the other side. Who would buy it, and would they celebrate its beautiful 1947 bones?

Lucky for us, the team at Common Block Brewing has the perfect set of hands for the historic Monarch Building. There isn’t an inch that founder Alex and Danielle Amarotico haven’t molded, welded, or handcrafted to meet both function and style. With gravity-flow taps, an adjustable floor plan, and eco-innovative heating and cooling system, the bones of that iconic building are now well-loved and appreciated by energetic brew-house staff. Pair this with some favorite local wines on tap, fresh and creative mixology, an outdoor fire pit, and warm service smiles. The brightly-lit, family-friendly atmosphere makes it an any-day-of-the-week kind of destination.

Common Block didn’t stop there in their recipe for excellence – they brought on chef David Georgeson, whose menu shines when presenting locally sourced ingredients in a fun and comfort-food-focused way. We might be biased though; this talented native Southern Oregonian chef cut his teeth in the kitchen of Larks Restaurant for over 10 years!

The beers that Common Block produces are unpretentious, refreshing, and consistent. These small batch brews aren’t trying to be clever conversation pieces – they offer straight-forward, widely enjoyable styles, the sort that bring together friends and, that’s right, neighbors.

Book the Beervana Package to sample our favorite Common Block Pale Ale paired with Fried Cheese Curds (to dip in Marinara, yum!).

Walking time from Inn at the Commons: 2 minutes
Hours of Operation: 11am-11pm